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24th-Feb-2017 09:28 am - Sixtynine
Onew silver jeans

Author: jinkijeans
Title: Sixtynine
Pairing: OnTae
Rating: NC-17
Words: 2,955


23rd-Feb-2017 01:54 pm - A Shift In Heart
Onew silver jeans
Author: jinkijeans
Title: A Shift in Heart
Pairing: OnTae
Rating: NC-17
Description: One-sided love between OnTae that eventually becomes mutual... Augst, smut, fluffy ending ;)

A Shift in Heart
10th-Jun-2015 03:43 pm - The Crown Prince (Fic complete!)
Onew silver jeans
Author: jinkijeans
Title: The Crown Prince
Pairing: OnTae
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU – (a love story) A fictitious historical drama (a Shawol History) a “period piece” with slight fantasy aspects caused by the villain.
Description: In the SHINee Kingdom (ancient Korea) the heavenly royal seat of power has been threatened after a prestigious royal wedding…and possibly, already stolen..... Can Prince Jinki and his loyal band of brothers save it and restore what is rightfully The Crown's?..With loyalty, treason, friendship, family, love, and faith this is the epic tale of our angelic leader Lee Jinki’s rise to the throne!

The Crown Prince
20th-Mar-2015 10:08 pm - of sleepy kisses and soft moonlight
Title: of sleepy kisses and soft moonlight
Author: keyhun
Rating: pg
Pairing: onew/taemin
Genre: fluff
Summary: behind the scenes of Onew & Taemin's rainy blue performance at Tokyo Dome lies long weekends of practice and soft words shared under moonlight.

If I kiss you, then will you be able to sleep?
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