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.RULES (a)Be respectful, that means no bashing, no flames, and no homophobes (b)Anything Taemin, Onew, and Taenew/Ontae related. (c)All images heavy posts, fanfics, and texts MUST be placed under LJ-CUT. Fakecuts are allowed, but please indicate so. (d)All works, articles & images must be credited properly [ie. location, usernames, website url] (e)NO SPAM, only those that are related to ONTAE/TAENEW are allowed. If you need to advertise something,please ask for permissionfirst. .ABOUT WARNING: IF YOU HAVE ANYTHING AGAINST YAOI, BOY LOVE, SHINEE, OR ONTAE, PLEASE LEAVE. Welcome to ontae_love the first LiveJournal community dedicated to the pairing of Taemin and Onew from the contemporary band SHINee.Feel free to enjoy and make this pairing into your ultimate OTP (one true pairing). ONTAE is a combine name for this pairing, ON(new)+TAE(min)= ONTAE. Yaoi is a japanese slang term for a male/male relationship. .RULES (a)Guidelines, please refrain from posting any fanworks over NC-17. (b)Fanfictions that are NC-17 must be friends locked to the community. Outside the lj-cut, please indicate title, author, length, rating, brief summary and/or teaser. (c)Fanarts with Anything PG-13 & over must be friends locked to the community. (d) TAG, TAGGING is a MUST in this community. Please tag your materials appropriately.Multiple tags are encouraged.Categories: media (pictures, videos, audio), fanwork (fanfic, fanart), news (translations, radio transcripts, interviews), discussion (topics, requests, questions, rumors). to see the list of tags, click here.
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